MT4 Exit Manager Dynamic Money Manager

How to Take Control of Your Trading Profits

Are you struggling to stay on top of your trading profits? Do you need help with manual calculations for stop loss levels and profit limits? If so, we have the perfect solution for you – introducing the MT4 Exit Manager! This revolutionary tool can help take control of your trading success by taking the guesswork out of developing strategies and optimizing risk-reward scenarios. A few clicks of a button allows users to set up intelligent exit plans that work in real-time to maximize gains while minimizing losses. Read on to learn how this fantastic resource can help revolutionize your trading profits today!

Built-in Custom Functions

Custom functions make the difference between traders’ applying only traditional exits and, therefore, joining the unfortunate group of the so-called 90% losers among forex traders. These functions include stop and reverse, double reverse, half-reverse, halving of current position size, doubling, tripling, and quadrupling the total position amount.

The Exit Manager is a powerful tool specially designed for forex traders to help them make the most of their trading strategies. Its functions allow traders to fine-tune their approaches and get the best possible results from their trades. The traditional exit functions such as stop loss, take profit, and two-step trailing stops reduce the risk of losses on open positions. Still, they can be limiting when achieving maximum profits – this is where custom functions come in.

With the Exit Manager’s custom functions, you can take your trading strategy to the next level. Stop and reverse orders allow you to switch directions when encountering choppy markets. Double reverse orders enable you to buy back at more favorable prices after taking profits. The halving of current position size helps reduce risk exposure while doubling, tripling, and quadrupling total position amounts provide greater potential rewards with higher risks. Furthermore, these functions can be executed quickly and with minimal effort, thanks to the user-friendly design of the Exit Manager interface.

Therefore, by taking advantage of all the Exit Manager offers in traditional and custom exit functions, forex traders can avoid being part of that 90% losers group and potentially enjoy great success in their trading endeavors.

Money Management Automation

Money is earned at the close of a position when the exit occurs. Profits of a strategy must have sophisticated money management features such that limitations are applied for; Maximum Used Margin, Maximum Floating P/L, Maximum PIP Value, and Maximum Spread restrictions. Performance is further managed by closing all positions when a specified percentage of P/L is reached.  

Money management is an integral part of any successful trading strategy. Automating the process can help traders make the necessary steps to maximize their profits while limiting losses. Automation helps manage the use of margin, floating profit and loss, pip value, and spread restrictions. By limiting the amount used for each trade, traders can better control their risk exposure and ensure they do not exceed their available capital. Automation also helps close out positions when a certain percentage of profit or loss is reached, regardless of whether that position is in the black or red. This allows traders to take advantage of profitable trades quickly and helps prevent them from incurring more significant losses if a position moves against them too quickly.

Overall, automation of money management is critical to long-term success in trading and investing. By automating these processes, traders can save significant amounts of time that would otherwise be spent manually entering orders and managing risk exposures. In addition, automation helps ensure that traders abide by their set money management parameters, which can often be challenging to adhere to when making real-time decisions involving human emotion. While automated strategies may never replace the human element altogether, properly executed automation can go a long way toward helping traders achieve higher returns on their investments over time.

The Power of Restarting Closed Trades & Strategies

The MT4 Exit Manager can restart closed trades in the user-specified direction after a win or a loss. Additionally, the entire strategy can be continued based on user-defined P/L percent.

Restarting closed trades is a powerful tool available to traders in the MetaTrader 4 platform, allowing them to re-enter the market after exiting. The Exit Manager utility offers two methods of restarting previously closed trades: one based on the win or loss result and the other based on user-defined P/L percent. When continuing a trade based on the development of a win or a loss, traders can choose to enter back into the market in either direction: long, if they won with their exit position, or short, if they lost with their exit position. On the other hand, when restarting a trade based on user-defined P/L percent, traders can decide precisely how much profit or loss must be accumulated before entering the market. This could be anything from 0.1% to 10%, depending on any specific risk management parameters needed for their trading strategy.

Furthermore, this same feature can be applied to entire strategies rather than just single trades. This also means that users no longer have to monitor every single trade they make manually; instead, they can set up their desired parameters and let the Exit Manager take care of restarts automatically when necessary.

Break Even Plus

An essential function of the Exit Manager is the Break Even +. Unlike the traditional trailing stop, the Break Even +, when triggered, guarantees the position will close at a profit. Combined with positive and negative progression functions, the Break Even + has been proven to increase the chance of success.

The Break Even Plus is a powerful tool that can help traders maximize their profits and minimize their losses. With the Break Even Plus, when a position is triggered, it guarantees it will close with a positive return. This eliminates the risk of putting in money and not seeing any returns, allowing traders to make more informed decisions without worrying about potential losses. The Break Even Plus is even better when paired with positive or negative progression tools, which can help to increase the probability of success while trading. By using these two methods together, traders can set stop levels to have an upper limit on how much money they are willing to lose and an effective way of locking in profit for each trade by setting break-even levels. This helps ensure that traders can walk away with at least some profits from each session, no matter what happens at any given time during trading.


Without analysis, a strategy has a chance of improving. The MetaTrader Exit Manager records simple yet crucial information to assist in tweaking your strategy to reduce risk and increase profits. Recordings include individual currency pair performance, Used Margin, Floating P/L statistics, and more.

The MetaTrader Exit Manager is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to take their trading strategies to the next level. It records critical data points to help traders make informed risk and profit management decisions, which include individual currency pair performance, Used Margin, Floating P/L statistics, and more. With this data readily available, traders can quickly identify areas of their strategy that need improvement, allowing them to tweak it to reduce risk while maximizing profits.

In today’s fast-paced markets, the role of the Exit Manager cannot be understated. Acting as a recordkeeper of your trades allows you to refine and fine-tune your approach in real-time. By analyzing past trends or behavior patterns, you can detect and address weaknesses in your strategy accordingly. With this information at your disposal, you can determine if a particular strategy is working well or if tweaks need to be made to capitalize on potential opportunities. Ultimately, this helps increase profits through responsible risk management, giving traders peace of mind knowing that their investment decisions are sound.

Timed Trades

Timing is everything! The MT4 Exit Manager includes a Timed Trades feature, allowing the selection, direction, and trade size for the desired trading pairs. Both entry and exit times may be automatically applied, and a scheduler to close and restart the strategy at different times. For example, it is common to have three different strategies; Asian, London, and New York session-specific automation applied. 

Timed trades are essential for traders who want to take advantage of a specific market movement at a particular time. With the MT4 Exit Manager, traders can quickly and accurately set up their timed trades. Once the entry and exit times are set, the strategy will execute automatically and efficiently according to the predetermined parameters. Furthermore, schedulers can close the active strategy after a certain period and start another at different times throughout the trading day. For example, many traders use three strategies; one tailored for the Asian session, another for London, and yet another for New York session-specific automation – this allows them to maximize their opportunities across multiple markets in different time zones. The Timed Trades feature is a potent tool that can help traders get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of profitable market movements at precisely the right moment.

Exits - Where the Profit is Realized

A trading exit is an essential component of any trading strategy. It is a decision on when to close out a position in the market and take profits or cut losses. Exits are often designed around critical technical levels, such as support and resistance levels, moving averages, Fibonacci levels, and more. The exit should also match the trader’s trade entry criteria to be consistent with overall risk management practices.

Trading exits can be based on discretionary factors or automated rules. Discretionary exits involve making decisions based on experience and intuition, while automatic exits are structured trading plans that use predetermined rules for entering and exiting trades. Automated systems have become increasingly popular with traders due to their ability to place orders objectively without relying on emotion or bias.

Traders must develop reliable strategies for managing their trading exits because these decisions can significantly impact profitability. A poor exit strategy can lead to taking premature profits or leaving winnings on the table, resulting in significant losses over time. Similarly, a good exit strategy will help minimize losses by assisting traders in knowing when it’s time to get out of a losing trade before it gets too deep underwater.

Another critical aspect of developing suitable trading is understanding the psychology of how people react to certain situations in the market. Many traders will hold onto a losing position far too long due to fear or greed, so they need to create an exit plan that takes these psychological elements into account and helps them stay disciplined and focused during volatile times in the market.

Ultimately, designing an effective exit strategy requires careful planning, intelligent adjustment, and consistent adherence to your original risk management parameters – all of which will help you maximize your chances of consistent success as a trader over time!


Customizing your trade exits is crucial for successful Forex trading. By understanding the features and benefits of an Exit Manager, you can take your trading to the next level. With the MT4 Exit Manager, you have complete control over your trade exits. You can tweak your strategy and test different exit strategies to find what works best for you. If you’re new to Forex trading, check out our tips and FAQs to get started. Ready to learn more? Read on here.

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