28 Special – MT4 EM Strategy

Introduction #

The 28 Special Strategy exemplifies the power and simplicity of the MT4 Exit Manager. It uses 28 accurately hedged pairs among each other, mostly in triad groups as they relate to correlations. For example, BUY – EURUSD, SELL – EURJPY, and BUY USDJPY. Thus, providing a balanced basket. 

Account Setup for the 28-Special Strategy  #

This example uses a 25,000 USD demo account with starting trade sizes of 1000 units.  

The 28-Special is a ready-to-trade strategy for the MT4 Exit Manager Application. Download the strategy and install it in the Strategies folder as explained below. 


Installing the Strategy  #

After downloading the Strategy, please place it in MT4 Exit Manager’s Strategies Folder.  The easiest way to locate the Strategies Folder is by using the File > Open Data Folder from the main menu within the application.  


The Data Folder is also accessible via the Windows Start Menu > MT4 Exit Manager > Data Folder.

Loading the Strategy #

Right, click the main window, and select Strategy. Alternatively, use the Strategy > New in the main menu. Click the Load button and then select the strategy – 28-special.str. 

Timed Trades Tab #

Check the Open Positions at, box, and set the time for 02:00 EST, which is currently optimal for this type of strategy.

Customizations #

Run the strategy or experiment with the various settings—some points of interest to consider for customizations. 

Pro Tips #

  • The 28-Special is best applied each day from 02:00 EST until all positions close, or by 10:00 EST when the market begins to slow down.
  • Open the P/L Graph and set it Percentage to get a summarized view of your P/L.
  • Stay tuned for new strategies shared by our top users.  
  • Never Risk a Penny Unnecessarily! Always Use a VPS! 

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