MetaTrader 4 for OANDA* #

If you already selected a broker and have MT4 installed, you may skip this section. Otherwise, you may follow our example by setting up an account with OANDA. OANDA is just one example of where the MT4 App integration is possible with MetaTrader 4. MT4 is compatible with every MT4 broker.

It is necessary to have MetaTrader 4 installed and running before using the MT4 Exit Manager application. 

Account Setup #

Create a new OANDA demo account with MetaTrader 4 – it’s best to always start with a demo, trade live, real money only after practicing, and are familiar with all of the software and tested your Strategy in real-time. Install

New OANDA Demo Account 

Subaccounts #

For now, it will suffice to set up a single MT4-OANDA account; however, later, you may wish to create multiple MT4-OANDA subaccounts where we can explore strategies using several instances of MT4 and the MT4 EM. Multiple MT4 EM and MT4 instances become especially useful when hedging is considered and perhaps, not available in your country, thus, providing a workaround.

Currency Pairs #

The currency pairs that you set up in MetaTrader are those that will appear in the Visible Pairs within the MT4 Exit Manager Desktop Application.

* has no affiliation, partnership, or other connection paid or unpaid with OANDA. is not making a recommendation against or for OANDA. The content within is merely an example of a regulated US broker.  

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