MT4 Exit Manager – What is it?

MT4 Exit Manager (MT4 EM) – What is it? #

The MT4 Exit Manager (MT4 EM) is a desktop application that works in conjunction with MetaTrader 4. Its purpose is to manage trades, mostly their exits, as the name aptly describes. From the teachings of traditional trading courses and as traders do, most efforts go into entry systems. However, and as we will soon see, it’s the exit where profits arrive.

MT4 Exit Dynamic Money Manager

Monitor trades in the easy-to-read grid interface within the primary application window. Observe price action, profit activity, alerts, break-even status, and more in color friendly environment.

Allocation gauges are provided as clues to adjust position and pair sizes in the desired directions to balance our overall strategy.

Additional meters offer information and alerts for margin and equity to ensure there is always enough free margin to carry out pending functions so that your planned strategy will go to completion.

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