MT4 Desktop Exit Manager

Automatically switch negative position directions by applying positive and negative progression, built-in functions, break-even plus, etc.

Link to MetaTrader Expert Advisors for entry while MT4 Exit Manager handles position sizing, allocation, and exits. 

MT4 Exit Dynamic Money Manager
MT4 Exit Manager Functions


Select from double, triple, double reverse, reverse, 1/2 reverse, reduce by 1/2, break-even, and more to manage trade direction and position sizing.

MT4 Exit Manager Restart Trades


Restart trades after wins and losses and set the directions for buying or selling as desired. Auto-restart the entire strategy after closing by a profit/loss percentage.

MT4 Exit Manager Timed Trades

Timed Trades

Want to enter the market at a specific time? The timed trades feature allows precise entry for balanced currency baskets in the desired directions.

MT4 Exit Manager Recordings


The MT4 EM Desktop Application includes a recording feature to capture vital strategy statistics, which can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

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